Kinetic Art + Agam project continues

Shalom Omanut Families!

It was great meeting many of you at our family open house last week!  If you were not able to attend, please note that we are asking for parents to write a note to their students for the year.  If you have a minute, please send a note to Danielle with a short message to your child.  Just a little message and prayer for them to keep for the year.

In addition to open house, this past week we continued our project learning about Yakov Agam and Kinetic Art.  See a cool video here for an example of Agam’s work that we watched in class.

Each student chose 2 versions of God they wanted to draw, and after finishing their sketches, are now beginning to draw the final images with pastels.  After they complete their designs, they will have to cut each picture into strips and glue it onto a accordion looking base for the project, where the final product will be 2 images that you can look at from different angles.  It’s hard to explain in words – but you can see some pictures of the kids in action below.

We also talked about the importance of focus while working on our pieces this week.   Our class is definitely a social bunch, but sometimes I remind them to take a minute to work silently, and focus on what they are doing.

Have a great week and hope to see you soon at Tefilah!


Danielle & Halley

Introduction to God & Spirtuality

Shalom Omanut Families!

This past week we started our God and Spirituality unit which we will be working on for the next four weeks. First we had a discussion about God and how we as artists communicate with God in a unique way by creating. During class, we prompted the students to complete the phrase, “I Believe God Is…” They finished the sentence and drew a picture then shared with the class. This helped them to begin thinking about what God is and the role God plays in our lives.


Then we had the students create collages using different colors and textures representing how they see or feel about God. After making the collages, the students then wrote one to two sentences about how they connect with God and how their picture represents their feelings. They turned out beautiful!


Weeks 2 + 3

Dear Omanut families,

Chag Sameach!  I hope you are all enjoying this week.  In fact,  did you know that we’re commanded to rejoice on Sukkot?  Hence the dancing in services on Sunday.  Thanks to everyone who joined in our flashmob!  What a memorable way to celebrate Sukkot as a community.    Did anyone build a sukkah?  I(Halley) built a Sukkah at my house, and  it was really cool to see the bright full moon shining through the reed!

As for Omanut…we’re off to a great start to the year!  During week 2 and 3 of class we created some really great art and began to establish our community as an Omanut class.  We talked about new beginnings during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, and learned what it meant to have a “blank slate”  for the New Year.  This was a great segway into our sketch books, which will be used as a blank slate for each new project we will do this year.  We decorated our sketch book covers and the designs look great!  See some photos from class below.

In week 3 we tied in the theme of Sukkot, talking about how we gather together in the Sukkah and what it means to build community.  Danielle and the TAs led some name games  so the students could  get to know one another better as an Omanut class community.  I got some great shots of the students spelling their names in the air with their butts!  What a fun way to rejoice for Sukkot and get to know each other.  The kids loved it, and now they just might know one another by name.

We’re off to a great start to the year!  Happy Sukkot!

Your Omanut Teachers,

Halley & Danielle