Stories in Genesis

Shalom everyone!

I’m trying to update more often to keep you in the know on what is happening in our Omanut classroom.

A few weeks ago we started our unit on Genesis, and after we learned the story of Creation and Adam& Eve, we moved into working in small groups, where each group of 3-4 students focused on one story from Genesis.  They had to read the story together, write down the characters, and then summarize the story in a sequence of naming 8-10 events in the story.

The following class the kids each watched a G-dcast video of their story, answering further comprehension questions and group discussion questions. If you have not checked out G-dcast, I have linked to the site below and have included a video from this week’s parsha.  It is a great resource to learn the parsha for each week in a fun way!

Parshat Vayera from

More Torah cartoons at

We are now in the fun part of the lesson where each student gets to draw out their story on an 8.5 X 11 paper in their sketach books and then transfer that to stained glass.  Rather than glass, we are using clear plastic acrylic, but the final product will look just like a real stained glass!   Most of the students are done with their drawings and will be moving onto painting this Sunday.

I will post pictures when they are all complete!